Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Fix Cyber Cafe Pro Runtime Error

Cyber Cafe Pro (CyberCafePro) is one of the most popular cybercafe management software packages available. Here is a short review of the software.

CyberCafePro is aimed at Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, and Internet Gaming Cafe owners for easy management of cybercafe security, pricing, timing, POS, chat and more. The software is flexible on many configurations, running over standard peer-to-peer networks including Wireless LANs (On any Windows OS). From managing your customers point-of-view, it is not intrusive to your system files but locks control of the computer except for programs you allow customers to run.

Your cybercafe is unique, so your software should be customizable. With CyberCafe Pro, you can customize most aspects of the client interface, as well as languages for both the server and the client software. Because of the software's flexibility, it is a very popular option among cybercafe owners, and often referred to as the world's no.2 Internet cafe management software package (after Internet Caffe software).

Other features in the Cyber Cafe Pro include:
  • Multi-Location Account/Timecode Usage
  • Unique Employee Logins
  • Employee Restrictions
  • Reporting by Employee
  • Other Product Sales
  • Sales Reports
  • Receipts
  • Cash Drawer Setup
  • Print Monitoring
  • Discount Plans
  • Tax Setup
  • Inventory System
  • Reservation System
  • Block Internet Explorer Functions
  • Disable File Downloading
  • Disable Hotkeys
  • MSN Messenger Security
  • Unlimited Accounts or Timecodes
  • Grouped Accounts/Timecodes
  • Overtime Mode Option
  • Bulk Pricing
  • Pricing Options, such as Basic Pricing, Bulk Pricing & Scheduled Pricing
  • Manual timing of Laptops, Xbox, PS2 etc...
  • Sales Reports
  • Auto-Email Reports
  • Shutdown All Computers feature

Runtime Error 339

NOTE: This commonly occurs on versions 5.x. If you're using later or latest version (v6) you won't might encounter this problem but worth sharing your experiences.

With all of these tremendous gifts of Cyber Cafe Pro, there is a known bug on it commonly encountered with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

And this error is so annoying. Well, the best way you opt to do is to remove the current copy and have a fresh install according to many forums. But it won't actually solve the problem.

The solution is so simple. Since these dependencies SHOULD be on the system's root directory (\WINDOWS), the installer wrongly copied the dependencies to another CCP folder on System32 causing the application to miss these important files. Therefor, you need to copy all the contents of that folder (\WINDOWS\System32\ccp4) to the system's root directory (\WINDOWS). That's it! Enjoy using Cyber Cafe Pro!

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