Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ideas and Technologies?

Ideas and Techs is a blog which focuses on different fields of interest around the globe. Fields of interest like entertainment, movie reviews from different international sources, it’s release dates, arts and culture, from web designing, graphic designing down to architectural and interior designs, foods and cuisines, travel guides, photos and reviews, photography, people’s lifestyle, government topics, and even urban legends and more!

Can I link to this site?

Well, unfortunately………….. YES! Of course it’s always yes.

Do you have RSS feed?

Yes, but for the meantime all topics are fed uncategorically. Don’t worry time goes by and so I’m working on it :)

Can I advertise on this website?

About advertisement you may contact Introduce yourself or your company profile, the type of advertisement you want (see the next question), and the time visibility of your ads on site.

What are the types of Advertisement can you offer?

You can choose these ads below:
  1. Banner Top (468x60 will appear on every pages) --------------------------$20
  2. Sidebar Box (300x250 will appear on every pages)------------------------ $25
  3. Inline Post

    1. Inline Banner (468x60)------------------------------------------------ $5
    2. Inline Box (300x250) ------------------------------------------------- $5
For a single post, please submit your own article. Too bad, I’m not good at marketing products so I’m going to give this at a low price of $10 =P

All payments are through Paypal. Fast, easy and widely used!

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