Thursday, February 11, 2010

Online Property Investing: Smart Way To Invest Your Money

Needless to say, property investing is one of the greatest money-making vehicles of our time. Not just that, property investing is also a smart and sound way to invest your money. It definitely is better than hoarding cash. Just think about it, properties will always be needed. One of the most important bare essentials that we need to in life is properties. That, together with clothing and food. All else equal, it all depends on how much value you can put on a property.

For some individuals, investing in the stock market or on start-up companies is too bland and boring. Property investing is a hands-on business. It involves surveying pieces of properties, evaluating their assets, and eventually calculating its profit potential. If you're trying to find a more stable yet aggressive investment, putting your money on properties is definitely the way to go.

Of course, investing on properties isn't a walk in the park. It will take a lot of work and if you're not the kind of person who can fathom a lot of work and sometimes stress, it would be better for you to leave this profession to somebody else. With property investing, you can certainly make a lot of money. It takes work, charm, persistence, some luck, and wit.

In order to start investing in properties, it would be best if you arm yourself first with knowledge and connections. It wouldn't be such a smart idea to jump into this kind of business without a good foothold on how things work. By doing that, you're asking for trouble. In addition to that, you wouldn't want to spend thousands of dollars on a property only to see your investment go belly up. Again, education, research, and connections will help you go a long way in this business.

Evidently, you're going to want to start looking for classes regarding property investing. A good place to start is online. There are a lot of noteworthy and credible programs for property investing online. Just be careful because occasionally, there will be programs that will do more harm than good to you. Once you've found the right classes, it's now time to study and immerse yourself on all the principles of the business. While attending classes, you will also meet other like-minded individuals whom you can possibly be partners with in the future.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Effects Global Warming May Have On Our Planet

The Effects Global Warming May Have On Our PlanetWhile many realize that global warming is occurring on our planet, few understand the implications that this may have on our way of life. These rising global temperatures are going to cause a host of changes on our planet, and we need to act now or prepare to adjust to some very profound changes.

First, these rising temperatures present a huge threat to our ice-caps. Layers of ice that have not melted for thousands of years are beginning to break apart and fall into the ocean. One of the biggest ice sheets on the planet, located on Greenland, is at a great risk of splitting apart and falling into the ocean.

While it doesn't sound like too big of a deal, the loss of the Greenland ice sheet will cause catastrophic circumstances world wide. The world's sea level is expected to rise as much as 23 feet when the sheet falls, and that spells disaster for the coastal cities that represent some of the largest and most important centers of trade and commerce across the planet. Manhattan would be sunk; much of Florida would be underwater, and that's not even to mention the worldwide consequences. Every area of the globe would be affected by this rising of sea levels, and the disaster caused would make hurricane damage seem like a blessing.

Millions of refugees from the coastal cities will be without home or workplace; it would be one of the hugest human issues ever faced in our history. The changing of the climate could also affect a host of circumstances on our planet; crop yields can be affected by the rising temperatures, which would also pose significant problems to a planet of refugees. Much of the land may become barren due to the effects of temperature change, and we may find some of our most arable lands subject to the effects of soil erosion, and eventually, a transition into desert land. Also, water supplies, forests, and plant and animal life would be affected by the planet's changes, and we may not be able to see how significant these changes may affect our lives until they are already upon us.

For that reason, it's important that we increase our knowledge of global warming, and do our best to prevent it in the coming years. While it may have adverse affects on our economy and our way of life, we owe it to our children to give them a peaceful, safe planet to grow up in.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naturally Increase Your Traffic with Google Trends

There is a big secret behind the Google Trends. Which became one of of the ways to boost traffic. As we known that in online business, visitor is “the king” and one of the most influential factor to monetize your blog/website. This tips may boost your adsense’s earnings since it based on keywords targetting

Google Trends is one of Google's popular services where in this service we can find what things are being trends today. Google Trends displays the most wanted keywords results which are being searched by lots of people now, even on this day. Whatever it is, Google Trends is a very useful service to help website or blog owners to boost their web/blog traffic. Recently, I'm using Google Trends’s service to activate one of my blog that has not been updated for quite long time and has only visitor up to 10 people a day .

Google Trends has a collection of the top keywords which are being searched by the mostly USA visitors. So, keywords that often appear on Google Trends is a keywords that are always changing according to how many times people searched for those keywords.

Keywords that often appear on Google Trends is an advantage for us to use it as topic and post to blog/ website. Especially keywords that have traffic’s graphics trend increasingly , because these keywords describe how many people seeking these information.

After posting the article to your blog/website, do not forget to bold the letter keyword. Furthermore submit the post URL to social bookmarking.

To gain more traffic, try posting an article more than 5 posts in 1 day, with “hot” keywords target that appear on Google Trends.

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Buying an Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy Guide

More and more people are becoming interested on learning how to do internet marketing and most of them wan to purchase an ebook internet marketing strategy, so the business minded people in the internet are coming up with their own versions of an ebook that talks about internet marketing. Sadly, there are a lot of internet marketing strategy ebooks which are just pure deception and do not teach you what you need to learn. But things like this should not discourage you for there are still a number of internet marketing strategy ebooks that turn out to be true to what they promise.

Nevertheless, if you shall encounter an ebook which would promise you to be some impossible things like making you a millionaire in as short as 24 hours and without having to do any work at all, then be on guard for that is more of a scam than true. Do not allow them to deceive you!

Methods in Making Profit with an Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy

It's good that now you know what to look for in an ebook internet marketing strategy so when you purchase one, you only get what an authentic version and one that gives you value for your money. First thing is that you have to be able to promote product of other people as with any marketing strategy and get commissions on sales. Actually there are more and more people who have started doing this and they are actually getting a good income from it. The next thing you can do is come up with your own ebook which discusses various internet marketing strategies that can be done for free.

After constructing your ebook internet marketing strategy, start advertising your ebook and market it online. Or if you are not really good when it comes to sales, you can have someone do the selling for you and then pay them commissions. This guarantees you to make a sale and earn even if you are not the one doing the promotions. Coming up with your own ebook internet marketing strategy and letting other people do the promotion and marketing is a proven and profitable method.

If you really want to buy ebook internet marketing strategy now, always keep in mind or better yet ask yourself what you really want to and why are you buying this ebook. If you are doing this to campaign for the product of other people, otherwise known as affiliate marketing, you can acquire membership to some sites that will teach you the basics of internet marketing.

The usual purpose people buy ebook internet marketing strategy is to get some help in succeeding with their online business. Finding the perfect ebook internet marketing strategy is absolutely easy with just a few clicks of your mouse. For those who need something to drastically improve the sales of their online business, the ebook internet marketing strategy is the answer.

Being the latest trend that it has become in the world of internet marketing, more and more people buy ebook internet marketing strategy. When compared to traditional books, an ebook is easier to obtain, easy to understand and there is no need to keep it in a bookshelf. You can keep those ebooks in your PC which saves a lot of space.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

What exactly is landing page optimization?

For most search marketers, optimizing landing pages means A/B testing and multivariate testing (MVT). It means using tools such as Google Website Optimizer to experiment with different arrangements of a page – or different variations in the content of a page – to maximize its conversion rate.

We may ask questions about many different elements of a page. Which headline works best? Is the offer button better with “complimentary shipping” or “free shipping”? Does a picture of the product compel more people than an image of a friendly customer service representative, or the other way around? What about a blue color scheme versus a green one?

This is landing page optimization as most people know it. And for what it does, it is a good approach. Let’s call it content optimization – finding the best presentation of content on a particular landing page.

But content optimization is not the only way to optimize landing pages. In fact, when it comes to boosting your conversion rate, it may not even be the most effective method.

Segment optimization offers a new approach

Segment optimization is about determining how many different landing pages are optimal for a given campaign, and determining how each should be different from the other.

Instead of stretching one page to try to please everyone, which is quite hard to do – segment optimization breaks out several specialized landing pages that each focus on pleasing a particular segment of your audience.

For example, say you’re marketing language learning software. Although everyone who clicks on your ads wants to learn a language, there are different motivations among them. Students hope for better grades in their classes. Vacationers crave more authentic trips. Business travelers are most concerned about efficiency.

It would be difficult to have one page that speaks passionately to all of those distinct audience segments simultaneously.

Just consider the headline. If you were deploying one page to fit everyone, you might try lots of variations (content optimization) to discover that “Learning French is easy!” is the best headline (on average) for all respondents. Let’s say it achieves a 5% conversion rate, not bad, but not earth-shattering either.

But if you had three different landing pages, one for each of these segments – you might find that “Ace your French exams!” works best for students, “Experience France as only a French speaker can!” works best for vacationers, and “Business French in 10 minutes per day!” works best for business people. These might achieve conversion rates of 12%, 11%, and 14% respectively for each segment, a tremendous success that more than doubles your overall conversion rate.

You could never achieve this using one page for everyone. “Ace your French exams!” would perform disastrously for vacationers and business people. If you tried that headline for all respondents, content optimization would throw it out as suboptimal because 2/3 of the audience would think it was awful. But when it’s presented to students (and only students) – it is the indisputable champion.

In that example, segment optimization was achieved by deploying three different pages instead of just one. Content optimization was then used to determine which headline was most effective for each separate segment.

How can you begin using segment optimization in your campaigns?

Start by making a list of possible segments within your audience. Who are the different types of people who look for you online – and why? Don’t restrict yourself to the way you may have segmented people in your database or your business plan. Brainstorm what’s important and relevant from the respondent’s point-of-view, by considering any or all of the following issues:

the specific “problem” the respondent wants to solve
the demographic/psychographic “persona” of the respondent
the respondent’s stage in the buying process
the role of the respondent in their organization
the respondent’s geographic location
the respondent’s industry or the size of their organization

These are your initial buckets into which respondents could be segmented. Don’t worry if there’s overlap between buckets, as these won’t necessarily be either/or choices.

Next, review the keywords and ad creatives you’re running in your search marketing campaigns. For each keyword/creative pair, ask yourself – is there a particular segment that its respondents would clearly belong to? If the answer is yes, add it to that bucket along with the number of clicks per month it generates. If there answer is no, leave a question mark next to it – perhaps with a handful of segments it might appeal to.

For instance, in our example above, the keyword phrases “french exam” and “college french” are obvious candidates for the student segment. Phrases like “business french” and “executive french” fall into the business traveler bucket. But “learn french” can’t be segmented just from the keyword.

Now, look over your segment buckets and see which ones have the most number of clicks per month. These are your best targets for segment optimization.

For each one, create a dedicated landing page that is focused on the needs, wants, and characteristics of that particular segment. Here you can use content optimization such as A/B testing or MVT to find the best headline, imagery, layout, etc. for each page.

You can almost be guaranteed that these segment-specific landing pages will outperform your more generic ones. With your first few big segment wins in place you can move further down The Long Tail, to less popular, but still easily identifiable keywords to meet each segment.

What about keywords that you can’t automatically associate with a particular segment? In those scenarios, you can use techniques such as multi-step landing pages and “directed behavioral segmentation”. But that’s an article for another day.

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