Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naturally Increase Your Traffic with Google Trends

There is a big secret behind the Google Trends. Which became one of of the ways to boost traffic. As we known that in online business, visitor is “the king” and one of the most influential factor to monetize your blog/website. This tips may boost your adsense’s earnings since it based on keywords targetting

Google Trends is one of Google's popular services where in this service we can find what things are being trends today. Google Trends displays the most wanted keywords results which are being searched by lots of people now, even on this day. Whatever it is, Google Trends is a very useful service to help website or blog owners to boost their web/blog traffic. Recently, I'm using Google Trends’s service to activate one of my blog that has not been updated for quite long time and has only visitor up to 10 people a day .

Google Trends has a collection of the top keywords which are being searched by the mostly USA visitors. So, keywords that often appear on Google Trends is a keywords that are always changing according to how many times people searched for those keywords.

Keywords that often appear on Google Trends is an advantage for us to use it as topic and post to blog/ website. Especially keywords that have traffic’s graphics trend increasingly , because these keywords describe how many people seeking these information.

After posting the article to your blog/website, do not forget to bold the letter keyword. Furthermore submit the post URL to social bookmarking.

To gain more traffic, try posting an article more than 5 posts in 1 day, with “hot” keywords target that appear on Google Trends.

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eRLyN said... [Reply to comment]

yeah my husband and i are starting to use it and we see the traffic starting to come in.

btw, care to exchange links? :)

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hello !

Ven Francis said... [Reply to comment]


hello there. that's sweet because your husband is helping you about your hobby:) sure we can exchange links. just tell me if you're done linking me :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

@Ven Francis

yea that's sweet said... [Reply to comment]

visit here friend
you have link exchange with me please?

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