Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Effects Global Warming May Have On Our Planet

The Effects Global Warming May Have On Our PlanetWhile many realize that global warming is occurring on our planet, few understand the implications that this may have on our way of life. These rising global temperatures are going to cause a host of changes on our planet, and we need to act now or prepare to adjust to some very profound changes.

First, these rising temperatures present a huge threat to our ice-caps. Layers of ice that have not melted for thousands of years are beginning to break apart and fall into the ocean. One of the biggest ice sheets on the planet, located on Greenland, is at a great risk of splitting apart and falling into the ocean.

While it doesn't sound like too big of a deal, the loss of the Greenland ice sheet will cause catastrophic circumstances world wide. The world's sea level is expected to rise as much as 23 feet when the sheet falls, and that spells disaster for the coastal cities that represent some of the largest and most important centers of trade and commerce across the planet. Manhattan would be sunk; much of Florida would be underwater, and that's not even to mention the worldwide consequences. Every area of the globe would be affected by this rising of sea levels, and the disaster caused would make hurricane damage seem like a blessing.

Millions of refugees from the coastal cities will be without home or workplace; it would be one of the hugest human issues ever faced in our history. The changing of the climate could also affect a host of circumstances on our planet; crop yields can be affected by the rising temperatures, which would also pose significant problems to a planet of refugees. Much of the land may become barren due to the effects of temperature change, and we may find some of our most arable lands subject to the effects of soil erosion, and eventually, a transition into desert land. Also, water supplies, forests, and plant and animal life would be affected by the planet's changes, and we may not be able to see how significant these changes may affect our lives until they are already upon us.

For that reason, it's important that we increase our knowledge of global warming, and do our best to prevent it in the coming years. While it may have adverse affects on our economy and our way of life, we owe it to our children to give them a peaceful, safe planet to grow up in.

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My Family Daily Adventure said... [Reply to comment]

wow, first time for me to see this kind of picture, nice. Thanks for the visit anyway.

kikamz said... [Reply to comment]

a very interesting read.. indeed, global warming is a very pressing issue that everyone should be aware of.

thank you for visiting my blog. sure, let's exchange links.. let me know when you have linked me up so I can link you as well.


Ven Francis said... [Reply to comment]


hi there kikams, your blog "pens of hope in davao" is a very good indeed and i would love to have an exchange of links. and of course your blog too...

i'll add your links in a while so stay tuned :)

Ven Francis said... [Reply to comment]

@My Family Daily Adventure

thanks for dropping here also :) would you care for an exchange of links?

Cristy Mae said... [Reply to comment]

How pitiful! we're losing our planet earth, and many don't seem to care.. I'm an environmentalist, and it feels bad really to see and hear things like this..

Newey, nice post.. I'll try to visit ur blog more often..

Good luck..

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