Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adsense Competitor Yahoo Publisher Network to Close

Have you already use the Yahoo Publisher Network? The Yahoo! Publisher Network (abbreviated YPN) is a beta advertising network launched on August 2, 2005 by Yahoo!. As the service is currently in Beta, it is currently only accepting US-Based publishers. YPN provides cost per click contextual advertising as well as various tools and services to assist publishers in building and improving their websites.

After conducting an extensive review of the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta program, we have decided to close the program effective April 30, 2010. We expect to deliver final publisher payments for the month ending April 30, 2010 to publishers no later than May 31, 2010. All publishers eligible for 1099s for the 2010 tax year will have those mailed by January 31, 2011.

I was once a registrant way back 2007. But since i'm from the Philippines, i am not qualified for their service. Yahoo! was never been fair for me that time. I guess the reason why they came up with a low traffic result of their study is because they have target and conduct the study for the U.S. The fact that, it is just 1/4 of the world. Unlike Google Adsense.

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