Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photojournalism, a Way of Life

To fill up another entry for the category Photography, here is something great i wanna share to you. Photojournalism. This is my favorite in photography. Since you make a story of your own based on what you see and what is happening around you. About people and how they live their life.

New to photojournalism, photo stories have the same construction as news stories. There is a lead image, transitions, emotion and resolution. Throughout the story, characters, conflicts and motives are revealed, explained and concluded.

Still images remain the most powerful communication tool. Each still image can literally burn into the brain of a viewer. Images speak to every person in their own language. This power accompanies massive responsibility. Consequently, photojournalism is more than a vocation. It becomes a way of life.

Everyone entering the field must understand they must be better than established pros at everything. They need superior technical skills, access, and a unique style. They must capture stories the world has never seen, or be able to tell old stories better than anyone ever has.

They must pursue difficult stories. Much of the news industry has been reduced to pop culture and delivery speed. Instead of following celebrity and entertainment, focus on the issues affecting everyone. Look for the emotion of the events unfolding in the world around us. People are hurting across the planet. Find the cause of the pain, and show the results to others. Whenever possible, show readers a way to help others.

Below are some of my shares about Photojournalism. Hope you like it!

Title: Through The Struggles...

Title: Love Your Children

Title: World

Title: Preparing for that single step

Title: When i just have to carry the world to feed you....

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Up Close said... [Reply to comment]

was here visiting!
good day :)

The man who stares at goat said... [Reply to comment]

this post was lovely. i love taking pictures but this one, from an anonymous browsing, was great.

Cristy Mae said... [Reply to comment]

Hi, I agree w/ you
nice one you got here,
God bless

Ven Francis said... [Reply to comment]

thanks guys :)

nice : ) said... [Reply to comment]

hello! you're welcome! :D i did link you up already, in my blogroll, at the sidebar.. :)

Ven Francis said... [Reply to comment]

@nice : )

oww, i didn't noticed i'm sorry. i'm adding you now :) i hope we could be friends on the bloggosphere :)

nice : ) said... [Reply to comment]

@Ven Francis: thanks! i hope so too! :D

Ven Francis said... [Reply to comment]

thanks mate!

Rose said... [Reply to comment]

glng nung kamay na designs! waa :) hehe dhl sa pic ko? dhl sa pic ko lng un hehehe :) may kapatid kaw?

Ven Francis said... [Reply to comment]


heheheh gawa q yan :D

ahmm cguro nga dahil sa pic mo lang...add mo q sa fb gusto mo? :D yep bunso ako saming tatlo hehehe..ikaw?

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